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Super Saucy Soy Curls

Soy Curls are a delicious whole food soybean textured like the most tender meat without the cholesterol or saturated fat!

Soy Curls are like a blank canvas that you can flavor however you please for your favorite dishes! In the above video, we use two different sauces to marinade Soy Curls. It's so easy your children can help! Just add 1 cup of your favorite sauce and 2 cups of veggie broth to one 8 ounce bag of Soy Curls, shake and set aside. Then pour the contents of the bowl in a large pan and saute on Medium-high heat until the liquid is cooked off. Cut the heat, cover, and serve. Add more sauce if desired. If you prefer to use 2 sauces simply divide the ingredients into 2 different bowls as we did in the above video. The Soy Curls soak up the flavor of any of your favorite sauces from buffalo to taco or teriyaki. Enjoy!

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