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  • Do you accept insurance?
    Yes, we do! We accept all major insurance for adult care and most major insurance for pediatric care. For the most-updated list of insurance plans accepted, please click here for adults and click here for pediatrics. Don't see your insurance listed? Send us a chat message or fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Do you take BCBS Texas, Florida, etc? Yes, generally BCBS plans are accepted. While we do our best to ensure insurance coverage is known up-front, it is your responsibility to confirm coverage.
  • How do I confirm insurance coverage?
    If you don’t see your insurance plan on our coverage list and you want to confirm coverage, the most accurate way to search is by individual provider name. First, try searching for Everett G Bennett III, NP as a provider in your network. Please note that we are currently still credentialed with insurance plans under our original clinic name: Integrative Health Providers. Please contact us if you are having trouble with this process by sending a chat message or filling out the form below.
  • Do you offer wellness / annual visits?
    Yes! These are by far one of our favorite services to offer as in-network insurance plans often fully cover the cost of the labs and visit.
  • Can you order labs?
    Yes, we can order labs both covered by insurance or cash pay. If you do not have insurance or if you have poor lab coverage; we can pass our lab cost savings to you, which is significantly less than you would pay directly.
  • Can you order diagnostic imaging?
    Yes, if you have a medical need for diagnostic imaging, we can help by ordering the necessary imaging and discussing the results, along with how they influence our plan.
  • What is the cost of care?
    Our services are billed to your insurance just as any other health care provider's. The cost of care varies widely based on insurance plan and coinsurance / deductible structure. Our ideal situation is to utilize the Annual Preventative visit benefit, which covers a comprehensive visit along with labs. From there, we will formulate a personalized plan taking your health goals and finances into consideration.
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