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Top 12 Healthy Gift Ideas

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

It’s always helpful to have a friend or family member who’s also on a journey to reclaim their health. Accountability buddies can make a huge difference in your success! We’ve put together this list of health-promoting gift ideas for loved ones, whether they’re new on this journey or have been doing this for years!

Activity Tracker

These devices boost motivation and provide potent data for those that find tracking helpful. There are many watches (and even rings) out there that track your steps, exercise, sleep, and more! They can be hugely beneficial to helping you stay on track to meet your goals.

Some great options are Apple Watch, Whoop, Fitbit, Garmin, Oura Ring, and others.

Reusable water bottle or tumbler

We prefer stainless or glass, and remember that size matters. The larger your water vessel, the more likely it will have water when you reach for it. Although there are plenty of BPA-Free options, avoiding plastic water bottles is best if possible. It's especially important to avoid plastic when there is hot liquid involved.

Check out: Yeti, RTIC, Polar Camel, S'Well, and Manna,

Unique Drinks

Give the gift of warm, comforting tea or coffee blends. We're impressed by Tea Forte and Four Sigmatic products, especially the mushroom hot cacao.

Flavored Vinegars

A nutritious and lean way to add some flavor to your salads and marinades. Explore California Balsamic, or locally in KC, the Tasteful Olive.

Gift Cards

Give the gift of personal choice at a local restaurant or at our shop! There are a ton of great health-promoting restaurants in Kansas City. We especially love Kind Food , The Littlest Bake Shop, and Enjoy Pure Food + Drink. A massage is an excellent gift as well, check out our colleagues at Lifestyle Massage & Bodywork.

Fresh Fruit Box

Give the gift of delicious, fresh fruit delivered to their door. We suggest Miami Fruit or Harry & David.

Unique Online Foods

Give the gift of culinary adventure with foods only found online such as: LeafSide, Barukas, or Native Vanilla.

High-Speed Blender

This small appliance can be an integral part of your healthy kitchen. From smoothies to soups, dips, and dressings, a quality blender is an investment in health. We recommend the following blenders in order: Vitamix, Breville, Blendtec, and Ninja. Facebook Marketplace is a great place to find these secondhand to save some money!

Air Fryer

Our founder, Trey Bennett, has a rave review for air fryers!

“I'll admit, I'm biased. For nearly my entire adult life, my favorite cooking gadget has been the toaster oven. When I saw toaster ovens with air fry settings, I thought I already had one since my toaster oven had a convection bake setting. I got an air fry basket for it and noticed a slight difference. It wasn't until my wife asked for an air fryer for her birthday that I even considered buying one. I knew it had to be a toaster oven with an air fry setting because neither of us wanted another gadget on the countertop or in our cabinets.

I purchased the one pictured above and we have been very happy with it! I love the fact that I can watch the food cooking with the oven light, fit a pizza, and use both racks at once. If you're thinking about an air fryer, I would recommend a toaster oven-type with similar features as the Calphalon one pictured. The Dehydrate setting is a bonus!”

Air fryers are a lifesaver for cooking foods like potatoes, roasted veggies, tofu, and more! If you don’t have one yet, you’ve got to give it a try.

Homegrown Food

The gift of fresh-grown food is both satisfying and delicious. Look for veggie seed kits, Aerogarden, sprouting jars, or mushroom grow kits. This is especially great for those who don’t have yards or porches to grow their own veggies!

New Gear

New and exciting active gear can be motivating! A yoga mat, foam roller, subscription to a workout app like Peloton or Apple Fitness+, or a new pair of headphones can all help kickstart a new workout routine.


There are so many excellent plant-based cookbooks available nowadays. Some of our favorites are The China Study Cookbook, Plant-Powered Families, Master Plants Cookbook, Straight Up Food, and Oh She Glows Every Day.

If you’re still scrambling for some last-minute gifts, we hope this helped inspire you! Have a happy and healthy holiday season!

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