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Welcome to our curated collection of our top 5 health-promoting items to elevate your well-being and launch you towards your health goals. We have hand-picked the following products and services after trying them and loving them ourselves. When you shop by simply clicking the links and buttons below; you support your own health while supporting our mission. Thank you for your support, and enjoy!

1. Explore our Vitality Lifestyle Shop!

See the full line of over 60 items of plant-forward apparel, products, and drinkware using our locally inspired designs printed in USA. You will find our original classics along with some fresh designs and patterns. We have really enjoyed creating these products for you!

2. Save $30 when you order fresh, healthy food to your doorstep with Whole Harvest!

Whole Harvest meals are a great way to add more nutrition to your busy lifestyle! Their meals arrive fresh, never frozen and all meals are oil-free, added sugar-free, plant-based, and vegan. SOS and Gluten-Free options are available.

3. Xero Shoes are a family favorite!

We love our Xero Shoes for every day casual and active footwear. We appreciate the wide toe box, light weight, and natural feel they provide for years of use for all ages..

4. LeafSide Meals provide nutrition while you're on the go!

We never leave home without some LeafSide meals! As a family, we've eaten hundreds of them. They are a quick option for travel or anytime you want a convenient, filling, and nutritious meal in minutes by just adding hot water.

5. We are fans of Enliven Foods Mug Muffin Meals!

If you're looking for a whole food plant based baking mix that allows you to quickly mix and make delicious, filling, and nutritious muffins; Enliven Foods has you covered! Their muffins can be made in a mug in your microwave, or baked in a muffin pan.

For even more gift ideas, check out our Top 12 Healthy Gift Ideas blog post. You may notice that supplements are absent from the above posts. This is because we believe supplements should be individualized based on each person's goals and lab values. We make individualized supplement recommendations for our patients after reviewing the relevant information.

Wishing you and yours lasting health, happiness, and vitality!

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