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What Has Your Food Done For You Lately?

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Understanding Nutrient Density is the key to a healthy, long life!

I like to say that the equation to health is: Nutrients / Calories (+/- Lifestyle) = Optimal Health

This is a simple way to make your daily food decisions. How many nutrients per calorie was your most recent meal? If you focus on the foods on the right side of the wedge, you will always have a high nutrient to calorie ratio! Another key is filling up on fiber, everything but the 4 foods on the right are deficient in fiber, which is the most common deficiency in America!

The (+/- Lifestyle) is where Lifestyle Medicine can make the difference between a long happy, healthy life and a shorter life plagued with disease. We can help you prevent, treat, and often reverse even chronic diseases with Lifestyle Medicine!

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