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Chronic Diseases Are Reversible With Lifestyle Medicine!

The latest in evidence-based Medicine shows that over 80% of the chronic illnesses that Americans suffer from can be prevented, treated, and reversed by Lifestyle Medicine.  What other medicine can do that?  This approach is used to treat the cause of conditions to heal the body and protect against disease in the future.  Do you or a loved one suffer from Chronic Diseases?  Take your health back into your own hands!

(Hyman, Ornish, and Roizen, 2009)

Unfortunately, our healthcare system has become more of a sick care system in which providers only see patients when they are sick.  Depending on the sickness, this may be too little, too late for Medical Intervention.  This has been termed ‘reactive health’ as opposed to preventative health.  The risks and costs associated with reactive health are far greater than preventative health.  

Many factors have led to this, our current medical system treats symptoms as though they are the root causes of diseases and often blames genetics as the cause.  With genetics as the 'cause', we feel our hands are tied, and this leads to the handfuls of pills Americans are getting used to taking each day. 

(Ornish, 2015)

Each one of these pills treats an isolated symptom or disease pathway.  Each medication also has a unique side-effect profile and medications often interact with each other.  Furthermore, these medications do not actually reverse your disease, so one disease with a few pills may lead to another disease with a few more, until you’re left with a long list of medications and diseases.

In contrast, Lifestyle Medicine takes a whole person view when considering health promoting and disease preventing medical interventions.  These interventions are proven to reverse disease by specifically targeting the cause of diseases.  Reversing diseases is something that is not spoken about much in conventional medicine, although we’ve had the evidence in peer-reviewed Medical Journals for years.  With Lifestyle Medicine, those long lists of side -effects, medications, and diseases are replaced with a long list of benefits from improved overall health.

A new study just published January 31, 2018 showed that some chronic diseases are associated with others, such as cancer.  This new evidence, pointing in the direction of health promotion and disease prevention, shows what Lifestyle Medicine providers already knew.  This study found that five common chronic diseases are equally as responsible for cancer as the five lifestyle risk factors traditionally associated with cancer and disease.  What this means, in a nut-shell, is that if you want to prevent cancer, you must live a healthy lifestyle and work on reversing diseases you may already have.

Our current healthcare system is unsustainable.  Our health expenditures are by far the highest per capita, with poor outcomes.  Life-long prescriptions, invasive procedures, and Acute and Emergency Care in Hospitals have become the mainstay of American healthcare.  This system comes with inherent health risks and the astronomical costs known to be the leading cause of bankruptcy.

Lifestyle Medicine is the only rational solution.  Evidence-based, sustainable health care that adds quality, not just quantity to American’s lives is within reach. 

Let’s try treating the cause to heal the body for a change. We would love the opportunity to help you achieve your health goals. Please contact us if we may be of assistance.

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