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Chronic Diseases Are Reversible With Lifestyle Medicine!

The latest in evidence-based Medicine shows that over 80% of the chronic illnesses that Americans suffer from can be prevented, treated, and reversed by Lifestyle Medicine.  What other medicine can do that?  This approach is used to treat the cause of conditions to heal the body and protect against disease in the future.  Do you or a loved one suffer from Chronic Diseases?  Take your health back into your own hands!

(Hyman, Ornish, and Roizen, 2009)

Unfortunately, our healthcare system has become more of a sick care system in which providers only see patients when they are sick.  Depending on the sickness, this may be too little, too late for Medical Intervention.  This has been termed ‘reactive health’ as opposed to preventative health.  The risks and costs associated with reactive health are far greater than preventative health.  

Many factors have led to this, our current medical system treats symptoms as though they are the root causes of diseases and often blames genetics as the cause.  With genetics as the 'cause', we feel our hands are tied, and this leads to the handfuls of pills Americans are getting used to taking each day.