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Tour De 🌱 Taco Kansas City

Updated: May 5

If you're interested in Kansas City's tastiest and healthiest tacos all free from animal products and cholesterol, read on for our comprehensive guide.

Growing up I was used to the classic Americanized version of tacos featuring ground beef cooked with a spice packet and crispy corn taco shells topped with American cheese, sour cream, and a pinch of lettuce. Dip or drip hot sauce or salsa and enjoy!

Since then, I've switched the seasoned ground meat for low-fat, cholesterol-free seasoned ground plants, and I've become a fan of wholesome corn tortillas with just a few ingredients like those made locally by Yoli Tortillaria. A few of the below restaurants serve locally-made Yoli tortillas.

One of my favorite aspects about tacos is how versatile and customizable they are since the ingredients are mostly prepared separate, then combined just before serving. This makes tacos a very plant-friendly choice. Even if the menu doesn't say "V" next to the taco, it's a simple matter of removing the animal products and adding beans or other plants found on the menu. That said, we have focused below on restaurants who list a vegan taco on the menu, along with a couple that are listed as vegetarian, requiring you order them "hold the cheese" if you' wish. The tacos are listed along with their vegan base ingredient.

Restaurants With Vegan Tacos in The KC Metro Area:

I Am Strong: curried lentils & sweet potatoes

I Am Flourishing: marinated mushrooms & coconut bacon

Lion’s Mane Asada taco

Breakfast Tacos: roasted veggies & black beans (menu item)

Veggie Tacos: fried avocado (past Cinco De Mayo special)

Soul Tacos: Spicy chickpeas & hummus

Portobello Taco: (hold the cheese) grilled mushroom

Soft Taco: hungry planet beef

Roasted Cauliflower Taco: Cauliflower (special, pictured)

Breakfast Tacos: Mattie’s Hash

Portobello Taco: "hold the cheese" grilled mushroom

Soft Taco: hungry planet beef

Squash Tacos: butternut squash (seasonal, GF)

Beyond Taco: Beyond Beef

Potato Pipian Taco: green pumpkinseed mole seasoned potatoes

Mushroom Mole Taco: mild mole-marinated wild mushrooms

Tofu Stick Taco: seasoned tofu

Soy Pastor: soy

Soy Asada: soy

The Fix – Martini Corner, KCMO (menu item, specials)

Street Tacos: crumbles or portobello mushrooms

Curry Cauliflower Tacos: (special)

Chickn Fajita Tacos (past Cinco De Mayo special, pictured)

Past collaboration with Pirate’s Bone’s Zaid: seasoned soy curls

Baja Fish Tacos: marinated hearts of palm

Double-trouble Tacos: seasoned walnut chorizo (pictured)

Tiki Taco – KCMO (menu items)

Jackfruit Taco: BBQ jackfruit & mushrooms

Mushroom Taco: grilled mushrooms

Ma-la-bello Taco: (hold queso fresco & pesto) Marinated grilled mushrooms (menu item, GF)

BST: Brussels Sprouts and sweet potato puree (seasonal, GF, V)


GF: Gluten Free

V: Vegan

We hope you enjoyed the above list! Obviously, it would be impossible to list every restaurant in KC where you could modify a taco to plant-based or vegan, but luckily there are many more options including restaurant chains such as Chipotle, Taco Bell, and Torchy's (menu item: Maux Faux) not included above.

We are passionate about supporting local restaurants with plant-based options! If you know of another one not listed above, please chat or comment below with that info.

Thanks for reading and we appreciate your vote!

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