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Health Screenings

Why Health Screenings?

Health Screenings by a qualified provider can save you hundreds on your annual health insurance premiums.  Many health insurance policies and employers incentivize completing annual Biometric Screenings.

These screenings are an important part of knowing the status of your health.  Our most common diseases and causes of death in America are considered "silent killers", meaning they do not warn you before it is too late.  Fortunately, labs and biometric results give you an objective baseline measurement of your level of health.

We go above and beyond your typical Health Assessment Screening to provide you with the information necessary to normalize your results to save yourself even more money in the future and add years of healthy, productive life.

In-Depth Examination

Our examination is thorough and holistic  with the objective of isolating the cause of your condition.

Joint Pain Treatment

Our treatments are non-surgical and  focussed on promoting health to improve more than just your joint pain.

Lifestyle Medicine

Instead of covering up symptoms or treating risk factors, Lifestyle Medicine treats the cause of conditions.

Here's what patients are saying

"I've never seen my blood pressure so normal without medication!"

"I almost cried when I left your office, I was so happy.  Thanks for all your help and thinking about not just the treatment, but treating the WHOLE BODY.  You have done more for me in one visit, than any doctor has done for me since I was a child.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"I used to have too much pain and too little energy to exercise, now I feel great and make time to exercise 3 times a week!  My blood pressure is normal now too."

"I was able to reduce my medications within weeks.  Now I'm getting close to normal labs, soon I won't be Diabetic anymore!"

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