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Food As Medicine

What is Food As Medicine?

Food As Medicine is the practice of applying the latest evidence in nutrition science to treat and prevent illnesses.  A personalized plan is formulated for each patient based on individual health factors.  A list of foods that will promote health along with those to limit and avoid is provided based on data collected.  Imagine how healthy you would be if you ate what your body was designed to consume!  This is the power of Food As Medicine.

Our Services

In-Depth Examination

Our examination is thorough and holistic  with the objective of isolating the cause of your condition.

Joint Pain Treatment

Our treatments are non-surgical and  focussed on promoting health to improve more than just your joint pain.

Lifestyle Medicine

Instead of covering up symptoms or treating risk factors, Lifestyle Medicine treats the cause of conditions.

Here's what patients are saying

"I've lost over 13 pounds in two months, I haven't seen these numbers on the scale in DECADES!"

"I almost cried when I left your office, I was so happy.  Thanks for all your help and thinking about not just the treatment, but treating the WHOLE BODY.  You have done more for me in one visit, than any doctor has done for me since I was a child.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"I lost over 20 pounds in 2 months and I am off all medications!  I have much more energy to play with my kids.  I love my new lifestyle."

"I'm confident now that my Cancer is gone for good.  You have given me the tools to live a longer, healthier life."

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