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Are You Looking For a Fresh Perspective on Your Health?
Here's how Vitality Lifestyle Medicine works:

Our examinations are thorough, holistic, and designed to guide your path to achieve increased quality of life.

We thoroughly assess where you are now, discuss your goals and create a personalized plan to promote your progress.

 We support and educate you along the way to sustain your progress and support achievement of your full health potential.

Now serving the KC Metro area in-person and by Telehealth in: AR, AZ, CO, IA, KS, NE, & WA.

What is Lifestyle Medicine?

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Lifestyle Medicine is a growing branch of preventative Medicine health care in which Providers seek out the cause of illnesses or conditions.  With that information, Providers can treat the cause thus healing the body to defend against disease.  Through the use of a thorough, holistic examination, Providers can make informed decisions and recommend the best health promoting treatments and evidence-based lifestyle modifications to achieve your health goals.

Health Plans We Accept

We strive to make our services affordable for all by keeping costs low and accepting most major health plans including Medicare and Kansas Medicaid.

How We're Different

We believe that using evidence-based treatments to heal the body in a non-invasive way leads to longer-lasting relief from symptoms.

Caring Providers

We strive to treat each patient as a member of our family.  Our treatments are so safe and effective we recommend them to our friends and family!

Patient Images
Attractive Mature Woman

"I almost cried when I left your office, I was so happy.  Thanks for all your help and thinking about not just the treatment, but treating the WHOLE BODY.  You have done more for me in one visit, than any doctor has done for me since I was a child.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Portrait of Mature Man

"For the first time EVER dealing with a medical professional, I felt heard and understood instead of dismissed.  Trey not only explains things, he gives you a plan of action.  I'm looking forward to how my life and health will change"

Older Woman Outside

"I was unable to sleep or walk my dog due to knee pain.  I had injection therapies and got back to walking and was able to lose 50 pounds!  Now, knee pain is a thing of the past."

Here's what patients are saying

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